The future of organic hemp in Alberta is bright

Jun 21, 2022 | Insights

Demand is increasing to the point that the industry can’t keep up. Processors need certified acres for food grain, in particular, so there are attractive contracts with many processors.

Verve Seeds is an industry-leading hemp innovator offering high-yielding custom hemp varieties designed for the success of Alberta growers. Working with growers and processors alike, Verve’s long history and experience has focused on hemp breeding, field-testing, market development, and certified seed sales of elite hemp varieties for the Canadian, US, and international markets.

If you’re new to hemp, it’s ideal for crop rotation, offers full plant utilization, has strong market opportunity, and performs well for late season planting.

Verve’s primary business is the genetics of hemp, and providing grower support on how to manage those genetics agronomically. With the largest portfolio of varieties to suit the needs of the industry, Verve can help you reach your hemp breeding goals. “Growers expect superior genetics, traits and varieties from all of their other crop seed relationships, and Verve has filled that gap as it relates to hemp,” says David McGregor, Sales Agronomist for Verve Seeds.

As a long-time leader in the industry, Verve can advise you on all aspects of incorporating hemp into your operation. As a seed company, they have personal relationships with all processors, whether its for grain, fibre or cannabinoid varieties.

Verve was born out of a merger of two hemp seed companies, Hemp Genetics International (HGI) and Tritium T3H. Together, they are producing the first hybrid hemp variety. HGI has been in the hemp seed business since 2006, dealing primarily with grain and fibre varieties, while Tritium T3H was one of the first distributors of cannabinoid varieties.

Together, they are working to commoditize hemp, increase yield and uniformity with industry’s best agronomic practices, and build market opportunity for growers and processing capacity.


Our research and genetics are focused on your success. Through market research and working with each customer, we create varieties that fill real needs, solving real problems for hemp growers.