Cannabis Field

R&D Pipeline

Verve has in house breeding capacity as well as collaborative breeding agreements with several top breeding institutions. This capacity helps to accelerate the genetics gains required to achieve the objectives which are defined though collaboration with growers and processors. We believe that one of the best ways to meet the objectives is through the development of hybrid seed. Hybrid seed allows us to leverage the diverse and un explored genome of industrial hemp as well as the work of our partners in order to move the industry forward faster.


Verve recognizes hemp product processors as a critical link in the supply chain with insight into consumer trends. Working with processors to develop products that meet the demands of the consumer is paramount. Processing capacity is often localized and specialized, which does not work well with a “one size fits all” plant breeding approach. We strive to deliver our processing partners regionally adapted, fit-for-purpose cultivars that work optimally with their infrastructure and supply chain.

Why Hybrids?

Industrial hemp rapidly and significantly suffers from inbreeding depression resulting in reduced yields. A hybrid system can offer tremendous advantages. Hybrids have consistently outperformed open pollinated varieties in most other field crops where hybridization is possible. Hybrids are by nature more vigorous and uniform which helps with weed control, harvest and processing. Additionally, the sexual expression of hemp can be controlled in a hybrid production system which allows breeders the ability to create populations with more seed-bearing female plants thus increasing yields.


Our research and genetics are focused on your success. Through market research and working with each customer, we create varieties that fill real needs, solving real problems for hemp growers.